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Dec 3, 2013 7:00pm PST
is as calling for prime minister yang election a lot to step down in our streets and to the grounds of government house and other fortified compounds pace as he gets it and posted bond is bound to fight to the charity said and how small. protesters seeking hands including police hancock has changed. on tuesday after days of violent groups as policemen demonstrators bring down barricades the protected government offices. this new strategy tuesdays and the king's birthday celebrations. still opposition activists were to topple the cabinet. the state is controlled by former ousted prime minister. and since no one. i know it's not over. this is the start of the new politics. we need to refund all politics and other agencies such as the police it might be that we need to change all of them so the country will benefit from the revolution of the people while anti tax and protesters plan the next phase of the return to topple the elected government parents and sister the current prime minister called for dialogue. all i would like to avoid academics businessmen and groups from all walks of
Dec 6, 2013 7:00pm PST
was officially born in nineteen forty eight years with the election victory of the african international patchy. the divided south african society into four races white black college and asian. segregation is applied in all walks of life. places such as beaches cinemas and hotels were largely reserved for whites. max went on to lead to bowls or own property and plays areas. many black people were reset them contain reservations known to spend just as the government granted independence to four of them. it can use this independence is stripping many black south africans of their citizenship. however south africa's until stream and commercial needs require workforce which resulted in many families being separated meanwhile workers finding to that end chips. once insisted in terrible conditions. it was at a terrible system of family life. he seemed to get there and what happened to the back. what is in the mind to all taken and living in hostels on the site the mind well the comedies where hundreds of miles away back into routine girl was eating it. the government used a vast security apparatus t
Dec 5, 2013 7:00pm PST
that the elections the parliament elections in two thousand and twelve felt some way short of its standards to being labeled free and fat. now we've seen other reasons for the international community to criticize day he trained with the police but instead there was in kiev this weekend's ukrainian foreign minister danny because our opening this pretence that we should rather see the ongoing protests in kiev as an exalted just how tolerant the ukraine days of defense and no soul that many had delegates here are really buying that some countries had that night to be reduced to the diplomatic level of the representation can not say that foreign ministers notable exceptions to this pledge of a nice week in an apartment that this foreign minister by this but sikorsky in particular seems to be using his presence and given the opportunity to try and get some kind of mediation going. he's been holding meetings with but opposition leaders had with the ukrainian leadership in particular. prime minister qarase out. as it got to our top story now i'm not the un facing its renowned french treats to join an afric
Dec 2, 2013 7:00pm PST
. in doing that since he was elected. and it's not as effective to use not the only issue because you have many other things to change but where were you are right beneath it that the issue and the christian is where is this money spending and being spend because today the government is speaking about the great sister revolution also because there you are so begins the right if it's a revolution but that's not to each and every issue is how we spent didn't have the money today and everybody agreed that we can guess who can cut costs and we can make economies on disparate spending the day that there had been plans announced a further cut defense spending quite sizeable debt. of course there are other on and there are doubts about it it's really not identical with the detentions friends is facing today. there was never without one the reaction to a wooden one of our viewers saying france to get out of this economic mess. in a hurry with sensible spending and tax cuts and this morning on breakfast radio. the finance minister announced fifteen billion in cuts to fifteen billion. drop in the po
Dec 4, 2013 7:00pm PST
for themselves phillips is laborious as ever. it had been in this election how nice it was a cure. it is. books that they can attack as his theorem to get this clear retain its all about gathering all the knowledge you happen to find them. i explained that last link is at the end. so evan and understood that i've been talking about three ten exercises on the bubble the guests. this teaching requires three teachers and a maximum of twenty five pupils per class. that is far from the norm and france. students continue to keep up but only on me. do you like nuts as it is. not really i find it difficult. in the new document read the french mathematician sydney the nineteenth. the moles the imminent of people who admit to having been the worst and are so screwed she has a big trading of current teaching its custody he's many students to various devices which calls itself the frost rationed. i know all this while if you look at our best mathematicians who wants to win the fields medal most prestigious prize well we have probably the best law school in the world or one of the past. you couldn't agree m
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5